• With Pocha becoming one of the hottest Korean eateries in New Zealand, we wanted to add new items to our menu... And exploring into the world of Korean fried chicken was started.
  • Working around the clock to create unique fried chicken flavours, our first yet most popular creation, almond-coated fried chicken was born: almond karaage. It became an instant hit.
  • After constant trials, we perfected our almond karaage... And as an authentic Korean eatery and bar, we renamed it to its current name: Almond Chicken.
  • With Almond Chicken's popularity rising exponentially, we wanted to create other mouthwatering fried chicken flavours. Since 2010, we explored into more flavour combinations.
  • Koreans love garlic... And when we launched our Garlic Chicken, it attracted everyone, becoming one of our best sellers at Pocha. Every new flavour we launch, it would easily become the best or second best seller.
  • We constantly launched more fried chicken flavours at Pocha... And every single one of them was a massive hit. At the same time, we were learning a lot from our customers' feedback, perfecting our recipes even more.
  • With the rapid rise of the Korean culture, we had more people falling in love with our fried chicken. Many customers requested to open more locations in the suburbs... That's when we looked more into expanding our Pocha's chicken - so more people can enjoy our food.
  • We wanted to take the best of Pocha and offer to our customers... So the idea of Pocha Chicken was born. After careful planning of operational strategy, we aimed to launch Pocha Chicken in 2020.
  • Pocha Chicken finally arrived outside of Auckland CBD... And since the launch in late 2020, we had amazing support from our existing Pocha customers.
  • With Pocha Chicken becoming more popular with the locals and beyond, we have started to expand, starting with the opening of our Henderson Store which is open 24/7. With more expansions planned, Pocha Chicken may become your favourite local Korean fried chicken shop soon!

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